The Incorporation of Hammermen of Glasgow originally comprised craftsmen associated with metalworking – traditionally “men who wielded the hammer”, namely blacksmiths, goldsmiths, lorimers, cutlers, armourers, sword-makers, clockmakers, locksmiths, pewterers, tinsmiths etc. The Incorporation of Hammermen’s crest is a hammer surmounted by a crown, and its motto “By Hammer in Hand, All Arts do Stand”. Today, men and women of the hammer embrace every aspect of modern engineering in all its disciplines and in addition many other trades and professions are represented.

The Incorporation is governed by the Master Court which is headed by the Deacon, the Collector and a number of Masters who are elected annually.

No member of the Incorporation can become Deacon without first serving an annual term as Collector. The office would appear to have been established c.1620 and is no guarantee of the holder becoming Deacon. It is the Collector’s task to recruit new members and to look after the alms of the Incorporation, which were traditionally kept in the Collector’s box. A leather purse was worn by the officer when distributing the money to the needier members of the Incorporation, their widows and pensioners. A lot of our history can be found in Harry Lumsden’s book of 1912 and on our facebook and twitter feeds. Membership has included a King, a Princess, Princes and Prime Ministers.

The Incorporation today has a membership of over 1000 and during its 450-year history there have been many famous people connected with it, including Kings, Princes, a Princess and Prime Ministers. From the 16th to the early 19th centuries, the majority of members were metalworkers – men who worked with a hammer to fashion their products. However, more recently membership has widened to include industrialists, entrepreneurs, and others for whom the Incorporation with all its traditions has provided encouragement in furthering the trade and commerce of the City of Glasgow.

Master Court

Deacon: Professor Bruce M Wood 

Collector: David Westmore

Professor Gordon Masterton OBE (Late Deacon)  
Lieutenant Colin Botfield RNR (Ex-Deacon)  
John A McKnight (Ex-Deacon)  
Andrew Young (Late Collector)  
Charles Craig  
Dr Nina Baker DL  
Dr Martin Cullen  
Raymond Lyon  
Michael O’Conner  
James Watson  
Dean Young
Susan Cresswell   

Clerk: W Grant Johnston

By Hammer in Hand, All Arts Do Stand’