Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Service Group

Some years ago a group of younger members of the Craft were brought together in the Service Group with the original intention of providing direct services such as house decoration or gardening to older members and their dependants who might not otherwise have been able to tackle these activities.

The Group evolved into organising an outing to the Kings Theatre pantomime in early January each year and a summer day trip normally on the third Saturday of August. This facility, originally provided only to the beneficiaries of the Craft, is now extended by the Hammermen Service Group to all fourteen Crafts and to Trades House pensioners.

As a consequence approximately 150 pensioners and their friends are treated to tea in a Glasgow hotel and then ferried by members transport to the Kings Theatre for an evening of entertainment complete with chocolates and ice creams each year. A similar number will generally depart Glasgow for well-known resort hotels such as the Old Course, St Andrews, Crieff Hydro, The Marine Hotel, North Berwick, Gleneagles or Turnberry to name but a few recent outings where they are treated to lunch, afternoon tea and free time before returning to Glasgow late afternoon. The benefit of the outings are extended to a number of ‘friends’ of the Craft being members and widows of member who may not require financial assistance, but whom through circumstances may benefit from the social exchange which these outings provide.