New Deacon Prof Gordon Masterton OBE at September AGM
Throughout Europe, from the 11th century onwards, a system of guilds of craftsmen and merchants developed to regulate the trade and commerce of their communities.

In towns and cities including Glasgow, a highly developed system of guilds – or incorporations, as they came to be known – controlled the government of the Burgh headed by an officer known as the Deacon Convenor.


Master Court

Professor Gordon Masterton OBE Deacon

Andrew Young Collector

Lieutenant Colin R Botfield RNR Late Deacon

John A McKnight Ex-Deacon

Peter McCarthy DL  Ex-Deacon

Professor David Harrison, Ex-Deacon

Professor Bruce D Wood Late Collector

David Westmore

Charles Craig

Chris Vine

Dr Nina Baker DL

Professor Martyn Cullen

Vickram Dhami

James Watson


Clerk: W Grant Johnston