Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

The Hammermen of Glasgow

Thank you for your long service Ma’am, rest in peace. We are fortunate to count many members of your family past and present among our members including King Charles III.

We are the Hammermen of Glasgow

The Incorporation of Hammermen of Glasgow is a charity based on engineering trades founded in 1536, supporting pensioners and students in engineering courses in the west of Scotland. 

Across Europe, from the 11th Century onwards, a system made up of guilds of craftsmen and merchants regulated the trade and commerce within their towns and cities.

Glasgow was such a city and had a sophisticated system of guilds – or Incorporations as they came to be known – which controlled the government of the Burgh, all headed by an officer known as the Deacon Convener.

The Hammermen were one of such guilds. From the 16th Century the Incorporation of Hammermen has supported trade and commerce for metalworkers and associated trades within the City of Glasgow.

Little over 450 years ago, these trades would have included goldsmiths, blacksmiths and locksmiths. Sword-makers, armourers, cutlers, lorimers and clockmakers would also have been represented by our organisation. And today, we represent every discipline of modern engineering, as well as many other trades typical in modern society including entrepreneurs, academics and industrialists.

We now have over 1,000 members and continue to support associated industries through fundraising and encouraging future talent.

Latest News

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A message from our new Deacon

Our new Deacon, Dr Nina Baker, introduces herself with a thanks to the Late Deacon and her plans for the coming year. Hammermen all,  it…
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Master Court

The Incorporation of Hammermen of Glasgow are governed by a Master Court. This group of individuals make sure the activities of the craft run smoothly and ultimately benefit the cause of furthering engineering and associated trades. This is our Master Court:

Deacon: Dr Nina Baker, DL

Collector:  Raymond Lyon

David Westmore (Late Deacon)

Andrew Young (Ex Deacon)

Professor Bruce Wood (Master)

Susan Cresswell (Master)

Mick O’Connor (Master)

David Cumming (Master) 

Professor Gordon Masterton, OBE, DL (Master)

Dean Young (Master)

Vickram Dhami (Master)

Clerk: W Grant Johnston