Who we support

Having regard to the commitments which the Craft has to its beneficiaries and to its various prizes and awards, the bulk of the Craft’s annual income is already fully committed. Where there may be additional income in any year, this will greatly be expended by the Master Court on similar purposes closely connected with the Craft.

Working for example with the Department of Engineering at Glasgow Caledonian University, bursaries have been provided to students in financial need who might otherwise require to drop out of University. Whenever possible the Craft will seek to continue that support until a student has completed their Degree. Applications for educational support in disciplines other than engineering and at Universities out with the West of Scotland, will not generally be entertained even from members of the Craft.

One of the quainter traditions of the Craft is the Gill Stoup. This is a modest fund, generally added to each year by the traditional rouping of the Deacon at which fund is in the entire discretion of the Collector of the time as to its expenditure and in respect of which traditionally the Collector has not been held to account by anyone for the expenditure of the funds. These are in any event modest