Past Winners

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Visit of HRH Prince Philip, July 2017

Two Prince Philip Prizes of £1,500 each are open to engineering students of United Kingdom origin under 25 years of age actively studying or learning a trade connected with the Craft at the Universities of Glasgow, Strathclyde, Glasgow Caledonian and Paisley and at Technical Colleges and Further Education Centres in the former Strathclyde Region. In addition, each institution may make a Hammermen Award worth £300. Further details and forms of application may be obtained from the respective Universities, Colleges and Further Education Centres or from the Clerk.

Year Winner Institution
1967 Thomas J Liddle
1968 Stuart N M Cameron
1969 Brian W Henderson
1970 Alastair Graham Motherwell Technical College
1971 Gordon Maclennan
1972 Peter A Arkley Clydebank Technical College
1973 James A J Stafford Motherwell Technical College
1974 Christopher J Hutton Clydebank Technical College
1975 David L McIntosh Bell College of Technology
1976 David Anderson Bell College of Technology
1977 Kenneth G Ingram Anniesland College
1978 Leslie Colville Anniesland College
1979 Stephen Kelar Anniesland College
1980 Paul A Watson Stow College
1981 Robert N Ralston Bell College of Technology
1982 Donald N Taylor University of Glasgow
1983 Ian Menzies University of Strathclyde
1984 Susan Rennie University of Strathclyde
1985 R Crawford Hamilton Paisley College of Technology
1986 Michael O’Connor James Watt College
1987 Leslie Greig University of Strathclyde
1987 David McNidder Anniesland College
1988 Bryan S Little University of Strathclyde
1988 Michael C McGregor University of Strathclyde
1988 Daniel Dougan University of Strathclyde
1989 David S McAuley University of Glasgow
1989 Susan E Devine Cumbernauld College
1990 Johnson Idesoh University of Glasgow
1990 Alexander McMillan Bell College of Technology
1991 James McHarg University of Strathclyde
1991 William Brynes Coatbridge Technical College
1992 Ian Fraser University of Strathclyde
1992 Elaine Rafferty Coatbridge Technical College
1993 James Jones University of Strathclyde
1993 James Michaels Coatbridge College
1994 Roy Spence University of Strathclyde
1994 Grant Roberts Coatbridge College
1995 Gordon Waters Glasgow Caledonian University
1995 Christopher McManus Coatbridge College
1996 Kevin Brogan University of Strathclyde
1996 Martin Lacey Langside College
1997 Matthew J F Jeffers University of Glasgow
1997 Stuart Howie Anniesland College
1998 Gareth H Wooler university of Strathclyde
1998 Andrew Shields Langside College
1999 Martin Lacey University of Strathclyde
1999 Thomas Lindsay Clydebank College
2000 Paul Nelson University of Strathclyde
2000 Marc Cleave Glasgow Caledonian University
2000 David Rae Anniesland College
2001 Natalie Chui Wan Cheong University of Glasgow
2001 Ian Shaw Clydebank College
2002 Duncan Dunbar university of Glasgow
2002 Paul Lucchesi Langside College
2003 Joshua Reid University of Glasgow
2003 William Heaney North Glasgow College
2004 Catriona Marshall University of Glasgow
2004 Gordon Greenhorn Langside College
2005 Martin Izod University of Glasgow
2005 Paul Haggerty North Glasgow College
2006 Kirsty Allen University of Glasgow
2006 James O’Connell Anniesland College
2007 Phillip McDowell Strathclyde University
2007 John Wisnicki Glasgow College of Nautical Studies
2008 Samuel Smith University of Glasgow
2008 Kyle McLeod Langside College
2009 Abhishek Bhatia Strathclyde University
2009 Oliver Hay Reid Kerr College
2010 Kevin Frew Glasgow Caledonian University
2010 Nikki Cusworth Anniesland College
2011 Darrel Dean
2011 James McGhee
2012 Susie Smart
2012 Jason Duncan
2013 Hannah Jenkins
2013 Amy Keenan
2014 Robert Peacock
2014 Suzanne Birney
2015 Jose Hidalgo Clyne
2015 Vickram Dhami
2016 Ellen Simmons
2016 Katie Lyon
2017 Merlin Kafka
2017 Shannon Martin