Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Hammermen of Glasgow – Digital library

The below links help identify the rich history of The Hammermen of Glasgow. 

All books mentioned below were shared by the Trades House and have been digitised or available as free downloads online.

The below links are available for personal use only, and not for the intent for distribution for commercial purposes.

Hammermen of Glasgow book list:

1. Brief History of the Incorporation of Hammermen of Glasgow

– click here for link

2. Bibliography of the Guilds of Glasgow (1928)

Author – Harry Lumsden – click here for link

3. Traditions and Customs of the Hammermen of Glasgow and Insignia and Relics – of the The Incorporation of Hammermen (1939)

Author – Arthur Muir – click here for link

4. History of The Hammermen of Glasgow – A study of Scottish Craft Life and Organisation (1912)

Author – Harry Lumsden, LL. B. and Rev. P. Henderson Aitken, D.Litt. – click here for link

5. Sketch of the rise and progress of the Trades House of Glasgow, Its constitution, funds and bye-laws (1858)

Author – George Crawfurd – click here for link

6. Book of The Celebration of the Ter-Centenary of The Trades House and the crafts guildry

– click here for link

7. Traditions of The Trades House of Glasgow – An old guild which the Surgeons of Glasgow helped to establish

Author – Harry Lumsden – click here for link

8. The Records of The Trades House of Glasgow (1605-1678) 

– click here for link

9. View of the History, Constitution and funds, of the Trades’ House of Glasgow (1827) 

– click here for link

10. Glasgow Delineated; In its Institutions, Manufactures and Commerce with a Map of the City (1827) 

– click here for link

11. British association for the advancement of Science/ Local Industries of Glasgow and the West of Scotland

 – click here for link

12. Old Scottish clockmakers from (1453 -1850)

Author – John Smith – click here for link

13. Reference book to the Incorporated Railway Companies of Scotland – List of Directors, Office and Officers, Constitution and Capital (1847)

Author – Henry Glynn – click here for link

14. Scottish Pewter-ware and Pewterers (1907)

Author – L. Ingleby Wood – click here for link

15. Shipbuilding and Shipping Record (1938) 

– click here for link

16. The History of Steam Navigation (1903)

Author – John Kennedy – click here for link

17. The Railways of Scotland: Their present position with a glance at their past and forecast of their future (1890)

Author – W.M Acworth – click here for link

18. Trans-Atlantic Passenger Ships Past and Present (1947)

Author – Eugene W. Smith – click here for link