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Prizes and Awards

Sir William Arrol Bursary Award

Sir William Arrol was an engineer who is best remembered for his achievement the Forth Rail Bridge. The Trustees of the Late Sir William Arrol transferred funds to the Incorporation in 1997.
The Hammermen of Glasgow awards Bursaries to students of mechanical engineering from the University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde. These Bursaries are awarded based on nominations of the departments concerned.

Other Bursaries:

Like the Sir William Arrol Bursary Award similar bursaries are made to students to students of Product Design Engineering at Glasgow School of Art.

Hammermen Awards

The awards is available to Universities and Technical colleges within the greater Glasgow area. Students with a background of engineering will be selected by their academic staff based on performance, practical skill, achievement and qualities of citizenship.

Prize amount: £300

Prince Philip Award

Students who receive the Hammermen award, 2 students will be shortlisted for the Prince Philip Prize. The Prince Philip prizes are awarded to the best University and best College student who are most deserving of this prestigious prize.

Prize amount: £2000

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Application Form for Hammermen Awards & Prince Philip Prize

General Information of Hammermen Awards & Prince Philip Prize

Information Sheet Detailing Eligibility for Hammermen Awards & Prince Philip Prize

Craftsmanship Award

The Craftsmanship Award is awarded annually for an exceptional contribution to engineering craft skills. This may be a technical advance in the craft, a contribution to an employer’s objectives by applying craft skills, or an innovative application of high quality craft skills, or other demonstration of craft excellence.

  • Be a craftsman, male or female, most likely over the age of 25 for the experience expected
  • be employed in engineering, manufacturing or advanced technology
  • live or work in the West of Scotland
  • demonstrate their service in their chosen craft
  • explain the exceptional contribution they have made in the application of craft skills
  • secure endorsement of their application by a senior manager or director of their employer.

Prize amount: £1500

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General Information of Craftsmanship Award Details

Application Form for Craftsmanship Award 

School Prizes

Individuals choosing metalwork for their Higher and Standard Grade Craft & Design projects at schools in Glasgow, are eligible for school prizes handed out by the Hammermen of Glasgow.
The prizes awarded are based on excellence in design and craftsmanship. In addition runners up prizes may be awarded if appropriate. These are run in conjunction with the Trade House Schools Competition.

The Incorporation of Hammermen and Scottish Engineering Award

The Craft makes an annual award jointly with Scottish Engineering to an engineer who has shown outstanding quality in the application of knowledge or innovation. This award takes into consideration his or her employer’s business such as to result in a significant contribution to that business.

Further details and application forms from Scottish Engineering, 105 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1QL