From the inception of the Crafts they had two principle purposes. The first, which is no longer a responsibility, was to impose and maintain standards of craftsmanship upon those plying their trade within the City of Glasgow. The second, which continues to this day, was to support members and their dependants who might have fallen upon hard times. This remains a key part and focus of the activities of the Craft.

The Craft provides financial assistance to a number of beneficiaries who are members, widows of members or other dependants of former members of the Craft. Their assistance is generally accompanied by an annual or more regular visitation by members of the Master Court and is coupled with an invitation to the annual Trades House sponsored tea party for Craft beneficiaries.

The Craft arrange for outings and theatre visits to which all members are invited.

The Mastercourt will also consider applications for assistance from students or young engineers in accordance with the rules of the Incorporation.