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About Hammermen of Glasgow

The 14 trades of Glasgow

The 14 crafts of Glasgow came together in 1605 in the Trades House of Glasgow. Each of these crafts is an independent charity that is rich in history and tradition. The crafts played a significant role in shaping the City of Glasgow.
Today the crafts work towards assisting both young and old.

Below is the list of the 14 crafts

Hammermen, Tailors, Cordiners, Maltmen, Weavers, Bakers, Skinners & Glovers, Wrights, Coopers, Fleshers, Masons, Gardeners, Barbers, Bonnetmakers & Dyers.

A stained glass display decorated with crests of the 14 crafts of Glasgow.

The Incorporation of Hammermen

The Incorporation included craftsmen who were primarily associated with metalworking – “men who wielded the hammer.” Today it represents all aspects of modern engineering and many other trades and professions.
The crest of the Hammermen of Glasgow is a hammer surmounted by a crown, along with its motto, ‘By Hammer in Hand, All Arts do Stand.

Hammermen of Glasgow crest
Hammermen of Glasgow crest

Membership to the Incorporation of Hammermen

Hammermen has a 450-year history which includes Kings, Princes, a Princess, and Prime Ministers. The Incorporation today has over 1000 members.
The craft encourages diversity. Previously the Incorporation only accepted members who wielded the hammer. Today, apart from members with engineering disciplines, their children may also become members. This has recently widened membership to include industrialists, entrepreneurs, and others for whom the Incorporation with all its traditions has provided encouragement in furthering the trade and commerce of the City of Glasgow.

Roles in the Incorporation of Hammermen

Deacon: The Master Court is headed by the Deacon
Collector: Responsible for the craft’s accounts and recruitment of others to join the craft
Clerk: Responsible in the maintenance of Master Court records

The list below shows the current members of the Master Court 

Deacon: Dr Nina Baker, DL

Collector: Raymond Lyon

David Westmore (Late Deacon)

Andrew Young (Ex Deacon)

Professor Bruce Wood (Master)

Susan Cresswell (Master)

Mick O’Connor (Master)

Professor David Cumming (Master) 

Professor Gordon Masterton, OBE, DL (Master)

Professor Colin McInnes, MBE (Master)

Dean Young (Master)

Vickram Dhami (Master)

Clerk: W Grant Johnston

Elections take place in September each year.

Click here to view a full timeline of previous Deacons from 1900 to the present day.