Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

EKGTA Awards

May 29, 2024

On Friday 17th May, our Collector Dr Mick O’Connor and Late Collector Raymond Lyon attended the East Kilbride Group Training Association (EKGTA) annual awards ceremony at the East Kilbride Training Centre.

The event brought together over 70 apprentices and representatives from a variety of companies including Linn Products, DE&S, and Drax. The awards categories presented on the afternoon ranged from practical skills in fitting, machining, CNC, mechanical, and engineering, along with the final award for overall best apprentice.

Two excellent winners also achieved a Hammermen prize along with a Makita Drill and Screw bit set presented by our Collector for skills in mechanical and electrical engineering.

We also heard from our Collector Dr Mick O’Connor with his “Reach for the Stars” talk, discussing his journey from an underconfident apprentice welder in the Clyde shipyards to a space entrepreneur and everything in between. He also explained what it means to succeed along with the building blocks of success – an inspirational talk for our winners.

A huge thank you to EKGTA General Manager David Bell for this opportunity.

Pictures of the winners can be viewed in our gallery below.