Haste ye back – Chris Vine

Those who attended the Hammermen Dinner 2018 will have undoubtedly met members of the Master Court, including Chris Vine, as they tried to convince you to buy either the Hammermen Tie or the lapel badge, or both.  In a mix of good and bad news Chris has resigned from the Master court as he has the opportunity to build a house in Kent after a number of year planning.  We wish Chris and his family well in following their dream and to reassure them there will always be a welcome from the Hammermen of Glasgow.

Celebration of a great engineer – James Watt.

It would be difficult to find someone in the UK let alone Scotland who is not aware of the great engineer James Watt. Some would argue that the industrial revolution the UK benefited from would not have been the same without Watt’s innovative work to increase the efficiency of the steam engine and many other innovative engineering solutions.

In case you have missed the many media reminders this year, 2019, is the bicentenary of the death of James Watt and to mark this significant anniversary an event entitled Watt a celebration is being presented by the Glasgow Incorporation of Hammermen. The event is being held on Friday 31st of May 2019 in the Trades Hall and it will be a tribute to Watt in music and song together with food and drink. In line with the aims and objectives of the Hammermen this event is in aid of the important work carried out by Primary Engineer® to encourage, and inspire, the next generation of engineers.

To find details of this event go to the eventbrite website using the following link: http://bit.ly/2R7bY9x

Some Photographs of Recent Hammermen Events

Deacon Gordon Masterton in the driving seat University of Glasgow Racing Team we help fund.
November 8th Annual Dinner
Deacon Gordon Masterton with Annual Dinner Guest Speaker Ellen Simmons.
Deacon Professor Gordon Masterton and his wife Lynda representing the Craft before the dinner of the Incorporation of Masons. Trades Hall, 21 September 2018 – first day in office.

New Deacon Prof Gordon Masterton OBE at September AGM

University of Glasgow Arrol Bursary prize giving June 2018
Hammermen Visit City Chambers
Scottish Engineering Joint Award 2018
Hammermen Winning the Trades House golf again May 2018
Hammemen Deacons of Glasgow, Edinburgh Paisley and Irvine with Depute Lord Provost
Deacons of Hammermen and Masons visit Holyrood Palace
Shipwrights and Pewterers visit Trades House

Deacon’s Update November 2018

The AGM on 21st September saw new masters elected and I am deleted to welcome Dr Nina Baker, Prof Martyn Cullen, James Watson, Vickram Dhami to the Master Court. Andrew Young was elected Collector and Late Deacon Colin Botfield was presented with his replica medal. The accounts and several rule changes were approved and the Deacon read the Legend of the Pears to members at the Collector’s Breakfast.

Since then the IESIS and Trades House dinners including our own on 8th November and a visit to University of Glasgow Racing have been highlights. The first two months have been busy but rewarding!

Deacon Gordon Masterton

The period since April has been very busy. A re-scheduled Coopers dinner, School Prizes, Arrol Bursaries awards. On top of this have been visits to the annual launch of University of Glasgow Formula Student Racing Team’s new car and the Fem Eng Rwanda project. I visited HMS Defender in HM naval base Portsmouth to present awards.

We visited the Glasgow Subway, City Chambers, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and the Clydeside Distillery. The Deacon was also a guest at the Royal Garden Party at Holyrood Palace.

April and May 2018 also saw the Prince Philip Prizes awards and the Scottish Engineering joint award and deciding among an excellent field of applicants. Greg Stark of BAe Marine Ships won the Scottish Engineering award which was presented by the Rt Hon Ruth Davidson MSP.

Work continues on our artefacts and researching and preserving our history. We found in our records details of a Miss Margaret Coats who was operating a brass foundry in Saracen Street Lane in 1794. Although she did not join the Hammermen (lacking a burgess ticket but only after some debate and with her agreement) she paid a freedom fine to trade under our jurisdiction and was excused from presenting an essay or sample of her work. Perhaps the first female engineer.

An impressive 39 new members were collected during the year. We still seek new members to join our Master Court so if you are interested please email the Deacon at deacon@hammermenofglasgow.org

Deacon Colin Botfield

New Deacon Prof Gordon Masterton installed

New Deacon Prof Gordon Masterton OBE at September AGM[/caption]At the Incorporation’s Annual General Meeting held on the morning of 21 September 2018, Professor Gordon Masterton, OBE was installed as Deacon for 2018-19. His first official duty, after the Collector’s Breakfast, was to represent the Craft at the Annual Dinner of the Incorporation of Masons that same evening. His wife Lynda accompanied him.

Deacon Professor Gordon Masterton and his wife Lynda representing the Craft before the dinner of the Incorporation of Masons. Trades Hall, 21 September 2018 – first day in office.

Busy August 2018

Deacon is representing Trades House at commemoration of centenary launch of HMS Hood at Clydebank on 22 August. HMS Hood was lost in action with the German Warship Bismark South West of Iceland in May 1941. Of her ship’s company of 1400 only 3 survived.

Deacon is also attending the Coopers box opening social event on 23rd August

On 24th August the Deacon is attending the Hammermen of Stirling Burns Supper at Golden Lion Hotel commemorating Robert Burns visit there in August 1787.

On 25th August is the Hammermen Service Group outing to Peebles for pensioners and beneficiaries of all the fourteen incorporated crafts.

Update from Deacon as our 30 April 2018 financial year end beckons!

It has been a tremendously rewarding experience since being elected Deacon on 22 September 2017. I have managed to attend all 14 Incorporated craft dinners which started with Masons on day of Deacons Choosing and finished on Friday 27th 2018 with that of the Coopers. Our own dinner on 11 November 2017 was very well attended, indeed was at capacity. Since then I have attended Hammermen of Paisley and Edinburgh dinners, the dinners of our two livery company affiliations in London namely the Worshipful Companies of Shipwrights in January and the Pewterers in February. I also proposed the immortal memory at Trades House Burns night on 23rd January 2018, attended the Hammermen Service group outing on 31st January 2018 and was pleased to be appointed Treasurer. The Commonweal Fund awards night was excellent as was our visit to Kelvingrove Art gallery. We have visited FemEng and University of Glasgow Formula Student Racing who we financially support and these are excellent initiatives. Our awards evening on 17th April 2018 saw a record 31 Hammermen awards. Prince Philip Prizes will be announced on 17th May 2018.

Our Battle of Langside banners made the press in March namely the Herald Diary section. Preservation of our artefacts continues with the able assistance of Curator Ken Gibb and our thanks to him and Carol. There is still much the Hammermen are involved in. Midsummer ball on 23rd June, Craftex 7-9 June, Scottish Engineering awards 17th May. We have admitted over 20 new members this year.  Please do follow us on twitter and facebook for more updates and activities. Also GDPR beckons please email Deacon@hammermenofglasgow.org if you wish to receive email updates of our activities.

Colin R Botfield, Deacon

Busy 2018!

Master Court 16th January admitted 14 new members, well done Collector Prof Bruce Wood.

Deacon attended Worshipful Company of Shipwrights Dinner in London on 18th January

Deacon proposing Immortal Memory at Trades House Burns Supper 23rd January 2018