Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

This year we awarded a record 31 Hammermen awards and also confirmed 2 craftsmanship awards, 2 HMS Defender awards and an Engineering Professors Council award.

4 universities and 11 colleges were represented.  Hammermen winners go on to be considered for the Prince Philip Prizes in both university and college categories which will be judged on 16th May.

Engineering is in good hands! Our thanks to the Deacon Convener and Bailie Glenn Elder for their help. Well done to Prizes and Awards Convener Andrew Young

In May 2018 the Prizes Sub Committee interviewed the winners of the Hammermen Awards and found the calibre and qualities of each candidate to be extremely impressive. It was with great difficulty and following lengthy deliberation that the eventual winners were selected for the University and College categories.

The 2018 Prince Philip Prize for the University category was awarded to Erin Caldwell of University of Strathclyde who has completed several successful projects across three different engineering disciplines and is off to work for General Electric. The runner up was Timothy Ness of the University of Glasgow who had completed an internship at Bosch Sensors in Germany and was credited in a patent application for his work.

The 2018 Prince Philip Prize for the College category was awarded to Glen Fraser and Runner up was Kyle Lamont both of Glasgow Clyde College. Both impressed with effort, progress, enthusiasm and application.