Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

It has been a tremendously rewarding experience since being elected Deacon on 22 September 2017. I have managed to attend all 14 Incorporated craft dinners which started with Masons on day of Deacons Choosing and finished on Friday 27th 2018 with that of the Coopers.

Our own dinner on 11 November 2017 was very well attended, indeed was at capacity. Since then I have attended Hammermen of Paisley and Edinburgh dinners, the dinners of our two livery company affiliations in London namely the Worshipful Companies of Shipwrights in January and the Pewterers in February. I also proposed the immortal memory at Trades House Burns night on 23rd January 2018, attended the Hammermen Service group outing on 31st January 2018 and was pleased to be appointed Treasurer. The Commonweal Fund awards night was excellent as was our visit to Kelvingrove Art gallery. We have visited FemEng and University of Glasgow Formula Student Racing who we financially support and these are excellent initiatives. Our awards evening on 17th April 2018 saw a record 31 Hammermen awards. Prince Philip Prizes will be announced on 17th May 2018.

Our Battle of Langside banners made the press in March namely the Herald Diary section. Preservation of our artefacts continues with the able assistance of Curator Ken Gibb and our thanks to him and Carol. There is still much the Hammermen are involved in. Midsummer ball on 23rd June, Craftex 7-9 June, Scottish Engineering awards 17th May. We have admitted over 20 new members this year.  Please do follow us on twitter and facebook for more updates and activities. Also GDPR beckons please email if you wish to receive email updates of our activities.

Colin R Botfield, Deacon